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Hi! My name is Rose. I live in the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania area. I married and have 2 boys.I am originally from New Jersey but moved to Pa. in May 2007 with my family. The First and most important thing to know about me: I am an Obsessed Fan of Moonlighting (tv show from the 80's), Bruce Willis & Cybill Shepherd, I also love Country Music, especially Keith Urban, I'm a big Buffy/Angel fan, TWILIGHT fan, TEAM EDWARD, DOOL fan for over 20 years, Get Smart fan forever, I love Drake Bell and the tv show Drake & Josh, i'm a huge romance novel fan too, i love old movie musicals, I love the Teen shows like ICARLY and Hannah Montana too! and my cat! I also love Hockey, i'm a NJ Devils fan forever!
Feel free to add me as a friend if you feel we have somethings in common!

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